Because of the Stress we gain weight….TRUE!

How is it that stress is getting fatter?

The fact that stress strengthens fattening is a mechanism for your survival and it is happening for your own good.

You are a living organism that needs Energy to function, to grow, to perpetuate.

This energy takes you out of your lifestyle: from eating first, from your physical activity, from your attitude.

It is necessary for all processes of Life, from cellular metabolism to regeneration, digestion, walking balance, thermoregulation, internal communication, everything related to your life.

The body will direct this Energy to availability and priority

Availability is clearly influenced by your lifestyle, by how much Energy you produce through nutrition and physical activity.

Are you full of energy or are you always tired?

The priority is given by the importance of the situation: survival in an emergency is always more important than digestion, just as digestion is more important than immunity, immunity more important than regeneration, and so on.

The explanation is simple and technical.

You have so many blood vessels in your body to surround the Equator 2 times.

But you have a few liters of blood.

You do not have enough blood to irrigate all the vessels and capillaries at once. You ‘re losing everything in 8 – minute cycles.

Depending on their importance, areas in the body are irrigated more or less, continuously or once in a few minutes (clear, they must be irrigated at least once in 8 minutes).

What’s your intuition? Are the heart, liver, kidneys, brain, how important they are, are irrigated constantly or interrupted? But the capillaries in the skin? But the capillaries in the walls of the blood vessels?

So when it comes to blood irrigation, which brings with it the oxygen and the fuel needed for the Energy, so for life, in your body there is a very clear hierarchy, who receives both blood and how often.

Trickery arises because these mechanisms have been created to be used in Nature, not for living in modern society.

In Nature, stress is an atypical, rare, short-lived one, such as struggle for survival, access to food, and a partner.

In human society, stress is a common, constant, long-lasting state, whether we are talking about work stress or soul grievances for various reasons. It also falls under stress because it generates the same reactions in the body.

In a real stress situation, the body needs Energy to be geared to survival mechanisms: muscle strength, visual acuity, increased focus for more accurate environmental assessment and success, increased fuel for cells, and especially for legs and arms, increased heart rate for stronger irrigation with blood.

Considering the importance of the situation, plus the fact that it should be short-lived and the fact that the blood is insufficient and will be sent where it is a priority, can you imagine the processes that will be paused until the acute stress situation passes?

Digestion can wait.

Immunity can wait.

Regeneration and healing can still wait.

Burning grease can definitely wait.

When you are under stress, you have an increased blood glucose flow that was supposed to feed your muscle cells and have to give you more strength.

This flow is also added to what you eat anyway from the food in the intestine in the digestive process.

Just that you do not quickly consume this energy put into circulation as extra glucose in the blood.

You do not run, do not fight, but you sit on your chair, with your thoughts, with your preoccupations.

Whether this temporary variation occurs from food, stress, coffee or other energies.

That extra blood sugar must be restored to normal. 3 ways:

metabolic burns

glycogen deposition in liver and muscle (the best form of energy storage)

fat deposition (undesirable variant)

You, by stress, not only block the glycogen deposition, but you lose glycogen. Glycogen formation is blocked by stress, and the only glycemic control options remain metabolic burns and fat deposition.

But metabolic burns are not stronger than usual, and if you are sedentary and you know that you have “slow metabolism”, the extra blood sugar will not be consumed by burning.

This is how fat deposition is the most handy and harmless way to reduce blood sugar.

Which sugar was extra in the blood for 2 reasons:

  1. from food
  2. from stress (which forces the glycogen from the liver to be detected in the form of glucose in the blood).

What you need to remember is that because of stress, fat is massively strengthened, and sugar in the blood will take the fastest way to fat.

Because the glycogen is blocked, and the burns are … the ones you’re sitting on a chair, nothing out of the ordinary.

What can you do to stop the weight gain from stress?

Get rid of carbohydrates that give you fast glycemic variation in your blood:

  1. everything that is minced
  2. starchy
  3. refined sugar and its products
  4. biscuits
  5. Chocolate
  6. sweet drinks
  7. everything that quickly feeds your blood sugar.

That’s why it’s worth crunching an apple, a carrot, to drink slowly and tactically a tea (which also calms you), to drink water (help and glycemic balancing), to move.

In stress, any complex carbohydrate caught in the blood has double fat transformation potential.

That’s all you need to know.

There is a word: the first thing you have to do when you want to get out of a hole is to stop digging.

The first thing you have to do when you are stressed and you know (now you know) that you have a chemically increased potential of fat deposition is to stop feeding the blood with even more sugar from foods with increased glycemic index.

The body just wants to defend you.

Unfortunately, the body has come to defend you … against you.

Actually, because you do not know what’s happening in your body, you are mistaken for the cause.

Well, now you have one more reason to squeeze apples when you’re stressed. Or carrots. Or anything that does not feed you with empty calories and a lot of fast-paced sugar.

You already knew it was not good to eat under stress. But maybe you did not understand exactly why you were thinking about calories.

Now, do you understand that these calories are only a small part of the landscape, and that the internal chemical balance, your mood and your attitude / psyche are more important than that caloric capacity?

Keep alkaline!

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