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We are a team of health coaches, beauty therapists and massage therapists. We provide a level of service never before experienced in the beauty salons of Zürich: anti-cellulite, treatments, lymph drainage, postoperative drainage and recovery, reflexology, detox & colon hydrotherapy, massage.

It is not just the love we have for the body shaping, the improvements we bring with every touch, the procedures themselves, it’s about the enthusiasm and happiness our clients and us experience at the end of each and every treatment. This is what motivates us every day. The respect, the value, the satisfaction we empower our clients with towards their own well being, health and more beautiful bodies. A give and take.

We have explored the many unique aspects of the beauty treatments and products and we incorporated these into what we can offer you to create a truly special and memorable experience. Our treatments aren’t meant to be a one off or ad hoc experience, we aim to tailor the treatments and sessions specifically to your needs. With regular special offers, and samples for you to experiment with, your happiness and well-being is our priority.


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Our clients value the high quality of our services, our professional approach and the fact that we’re albe to satisfy their needs.
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