How to “melt” the fat?

For 10 years we have also tested the remodeling technologies (LPG, ICOONE, VELA SHAPE, VACUUM, HIFU, CRYO, ENDOSPHERES, BEAUTYLIZER, WRAPS, CAVITATION, SHOCK WAVE and tested teas, 0% yogurt, daily, starvation, everything you can think of as it will “melt” your fat and I find that the best method is the natural one.

A balanced physical and nutritional strategy with long-lasting treatments, patiently and without leaving the guard down is the secret of success.

That is, to slow down slowly and safely in the longer term, without being greedy with the results.

But this requires another, more mature, more responsible attitude. Which does not fit anyone.

Fat, by definition, is a slow energy source that is not reached through stress and forcibleness. That’s her secret.

When you get angry with yourself at aerobics, at the gym, when you get drunk, when you have drastic regimens, you will not consume fat, but faster energy, glycogen, protein.

Consume anything else, only fat not!

Fat is not just an extra supply of energy, it is also an excellent buffer for toxins, acids, drugs, heavy metals and other harmful substances that reach our body and are not eliminated.

Why are not they eliminated? I tell you the main cause: Your body is busy with something more urgent every day. Usually with digestion.

 What do you have to do? First try not to think about calories. Calories are just a piece of your body’s puzzles, insufficient for a balanced balance of weakness.

Plus, your body is an adaptive animal. He will adjust his burnings and internal processes to make each process more efficient, depending on what he observes to give him, caloric and as movement.

That’s why when you keep the slimming cough just through food and without sports, or treatments, you quickly reach a plateau you can not overcome. The body has adapted and it will always do, because it is in keeping with its instinct for survival.

Fat drop it healthy, constantly attacking, long-term and patiently, the following plans:

  1. Cleansing the lymphatic system
  2. Detoxification
  3. The alternating movement
  4. Local exercises on fat areas
  5. Rest and relaxation.

The main energy resources of your body are in the order of speed with which they can be used:

  1. Glycogen from muscle,
  2. Proteins in muscles
  3. and then fat.

Fat is melting slower, which is why if you pull yourself and do intense action (running, cardio), your body will need quick energy and will bypass fats for the most part.

When you walk, climb up stairs, go bicycle or roller, so when you make light, moderate movement without panting, you burn fat directly, but you burn few, exactly what hurts you.

When you run fast, when you do aerobics, when you are moving intense, you need fast energy, and your body will get it from glycogen, not fat. But you will burn more calories.

What you need to understand is that you have to sport regularly, alternating between cardio and fitness, for a harmonious body remodeling, but the fat that bothers you does not burn it during sports but after sports in the following 24 hours.

So do not look at sport as a way to burn fat then and there, because you will burn minimal fat and most of the glycogen.

Look at the sport as a way to activate your metabolism, to have better burns all day long, to drain the lymphatic system, here we help with Mas Therapy treatments, a method developed in 10 years of experience and research.

The fats burn them in the recovery phase, when the glycogen stores, energy in the body, are restored.

Moreover, get rid of the localized fats by exercises specific to the area, because you have to take the blood around the area that bothers you: belly, hips, butt.

And the blood you do not go to in those areas by eating food, but by “dedicating” to those parts of the body.

Any area is easy to reach and easy to solve. But not push too hard, but with patience and a balanced food and sports strategy.

Healthy, as well as combined food, as clean as possible, and at least 5 times a week, alternating between cardio and fitness.

And above all, a relaxed attitude, because in stress it chemically blocks the release of fat. We’ve even said that stress is getting us fat!

It’s easy to lose weight, but it’s not easy, because it means a change in long-term behavior, personal discipline, and generally means getting out of your comfort zone and doing what needs to be done for you.

Simone E. chose to get out of her comfort zone and deeply transform her body, respecting the SlimLab treatment plan.

She worked, took this road with patience and deserved her results: she lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks and rejuvenated biologically. And the journey continues, for even more personal satisfaction.

When your journey is going to start?

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