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Mas Therapy massage

MAS Therapy: Contour Your Body

Unveil a new you with the exclusive MAS Therapy! It is a mix of exclusive maneuvers of the techniques of reductive sculpting massage and lymphatic drainage of the Slimlab Method. This transformative massage, available for those seeking sculpting and body slimming in Zurich, delivers instant results akin to a manual liposculpture, providing not only a refined skin texture but also more defined muscles.

Discover Our Body Sculpting Massage

MAS Therapy stands out as a revolutionary approach to sculpting and body slimming. Its distinct touch combines the precision of reductive sculpting with the detoxifying benefits of lymph drainage, promising visible results from the very first session.

This method employs fixed pressure and a fast-paced rhythm, complemented by unparalleled pumping and maneuvering techniques. This dynamic combination yields instant results, reducing measurements, refining skin texture, and sculpting the body in ways that can be observed immediately. It’s more than a massage—it’s a journey to an instantly transformed silhouette.

Benefits of MAS Therapy

MAS Therapy offers a range of benefits, from aesthetic improvements to internal well-being, making it a comprehensive solution for those seeking a sculpted and rejuvenated body.

  • Reduced Edema:
    The technique effectively reduces edema, promoting the elimination of excess fluid retention.
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation:
    By activating blood circulation, MAS Therapy enhances a complex network of vessels that move body fluids, reducing the much feared cellulite.
  • Combat Cellulite:
    This comprehensive approach not only reduces edema but also actively combats cellulite, resulting in smoother skin texture.
  • Less Swollen Appearance:
    Experience a less swollen and more shapely body as MAS Therapy works its magic on fluid retention and overall body contour.
  • Metabolic Boost:
    A key outcome of the massage is its positive impact on metabolism. The accelerated circulation and fluid movement contribute to a faster metabolism, promoting a sense of well-being.
  • Internal Revitalization:
    As the body sheds excess fluids and toxins, you not only witness a visible transformation but also experience internal revitalization.

Choose Our Body Slimming Massage

At the core of MAS Therapy is a manual technique characterized by vigorous, quick, and firm movements applied throughout the body. This specialized massage is meticulously designed to shape adipocytes, strategically moving fat to enhance contours and redefine the body’s natural beauty.

For those seeking body slimming in Zurich, SlimLab offers a personalized and effective solution. Rediscover confidence in your silhouette as this unique massage technique sculpts, refines, and revitalizes, providing visible and lasting results. Book your session now

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