Mas Therapy

Mas Therapy massage

Mas Therapy

It is a mix of exclusive maneuvers of the techniques of reductive sculpting massage and lymphatic drainage of the Slimlab Method. It works like an immediate manual liposculpture, ensuring even skin and more defined muscles. Its distinctive touch reduces measurements, strips and transforms skin texture with results that can be seen in the first session. Continuous treatment of this technique ensures a perfect silhouette and highly modeled body.

It has firm pressure and fast pace, as well as unique pumping and maneuvering for immediate results. The technique reduces edema, activates blood circulation and enhances a complex network of vessels that move body fluids, reducing the much feared cellulite. The result is a less swollen, shapely body with a faster metabolism and therefore a feeling of well-being.

Manual massage technique whose main feature is the application of vigorous, fast and firm movements throughout the body. This massage has surprising results because it was made to shape the adipocytes, that is, move the fat to the right places, and therefore give more contour to the body.

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