Alkalising vs Acidifying

It is wonderful that more and more people are becoming aware of “alkaline nutrition” and that the expression “acid-base balance” already sounds familiar to many, and there seems to be something broken in the books for chemists.

The intentions are good and praiseworthy, but if we still choose to become acquainted with the chemistry and these notions of alkaline and acid, let’s put aside the factor “make of heard, or because we read on the internet” and see correctly what’s on the plate.

When we eat a food, which is the most juicy fruit or steak on the grill, acid and alkaline, it is made depending on what chemical effect that food induces in the body. What results from that food after it has been completely metabolized in the body. As some say, after his metabolic “ash”.

A food can be as alkaline or acidic as possible, in its natural state, and in the body, the effect will be completely reversed

See the case of sour citrus, the lemon being very acidic (if it is tested with litmus paper), which are acidic (acid gives that sour taste to a food), but which, when reached and metabolized by your body, induce an alkalising effect . Exactly what is used by us.

Likewise, sour apples, strawberries, and many other fruits, are framed by acidic fruits. Reason to bypass them? Not! Reason to completely ignore this ranking and eat them, tactically, all.

Then come the vegetables, the beautiful tomatoes, put the litmus paper on them, measure their pH and you get an acidic pH, but they are still alkalising in your body.

And here comes the important notion, which you deserve to understand. Alkaline means only alkaline in its natural, initial form and so on.

You have alkaline fruits in nature, just as you have acidic fruits. You have raw alkaline milk.

You have some slightly alkaline nuts and seeds, some neutral and some slightly acidic. You are dizzy if you are learning each one.

Conclusion? Alkaline just means… .alkaline! Nothing relevant in this term.

Alkaline? Well, here you come from home, as they say! You want alkalizing. Your body wants 80% alkalising and 20% acidifying. How do you choose alkalising foods?

Everything that is raw in nature, that is, fruits, vegetables, roots, leads to an alkalizing effect. It’s really simple to remember.

Even legumes (beans, peas, hazelnuts, lentils) or certain pseudo-cereals (buckwheat, millet, quinoa) have been shown to have a mild alkalizing effect, ie they obtain predominantly alkaline metabolizing products, although at times it was thought to be acidifying. Times change information

Do you cook these foods? The wheel starts to break … the alkalizing effect begins to subside.

Therefore, the percentage of raw foods in your diet, is worth 50% if you can. Because you actually go up the alkalising percentage of your diet.

In contrast, classic cereals, wheat, rye, corn, rice, have an acidifying effect. Fortunately, as I wrote above, you also need acids They are good, they are wonderful… .but to consume them in moderation.

Then we have the other situation, when a food is acid in its natural form. It matters what your body does with that food, what effect it induces in the body. You have organic fruit acids, for example, used in countless healthy supplements, in creams, in masks. The acids we find in fruits, in vegetables, do not return the balance in the sense of acidification. In crudities you find innumerable alkaline and alkalizing elements at the same time, mainly alkaline minerals, that is to say potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, many wonders only good to offer to the body.

All participate in the reactions in the body, and when you draw the line and gather it has an alkalizing effect! Natural products are predominantly alkalizing. The animal products are exclusively acidifying (yes, even the alkaline milk that you, as a big man, do not digest properly). How much acidifying do you have on the plate versus how much alkalising ? How much raw on the plate versus how much cooked? How much do you have vegetal versus how many animal products do you have?

 You have a splash of movement? You have a dash of attitude? You have a dash of love? You have a splash of relaxation?

Well done, this is your reward:

The final product is your well-being and self-satisfaction.

Clean health and a beautiful body!

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