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Swiss Dolorclast Method in Zurich

Swiss DolorClast: The Power of Shock Wave Therapy

Are you struggling with persistent muscle pain, tendinopathies, or osteoarthritis? Say goodbye to discomfort with the innovative Swiss DolorClast Method, a cutting-edge shockwave therapy designed to provide fast and effective relief without the need for medication or invasive procedures.

Understanding the Swiss DolorClast Method

The Swiss DolorClast Method harnesses the power of single acoustic pressure waves, commonly known as shock waves, to target and treat various musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies. This non-invasive approach delivers mechanical stress to injured tissues, triggering immediate pain relief and prompting a natural healing reaction within the body.

Clinically Proven Excellence

Backed by extensive research and clinical studies, the Swiss DolorClast Method stands out as the most well-researched shockwave therapy available. Its success lies in a combination of unique technologies and scientifically validated protocols, ensuring significant improvement across a range of musculoskeletal and dermatological indications.

One method, many indications

The Swiss DolorClast Method effectively addresses a multitude of conditions:


A common reason for physician visits, the Swiss DolorClast Method provides targeted relief for shoulder pain and related symptoms.


The Swiss DolorClast method is aimed at people of all ages who suffer from back pain without sciatica, stenosis or severe spinal deformity.


Tackling disorders of the lateral peritrochanteric space of the hip, such as gluteus medius and minimus tears, trochanteric bursitis, and external coxa saltans.


Patellar tendinopathy, often referred to as jumper’s knee, is a chronic overuse injury of the patellar tendon. Osgood Schlatter disease involves the tibial tuberosity in growing children.
Medial tibial stress syndrome, commonly known as ‘‘shin splints”, is a frequent overuse injury or repetitive-stress injury of the lower extremity.


Targeting the Achilles tendon, this treatment addresses issues related to the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles, offering relief to those struggling with ankle discomfort.


It is an acute or chronic, painful disorder of the plantar fascia that spans between the medial calcaneal tubercle and the proximal phalanges of the toes.

Rely on the clinically proven efficacy of this revolutionary shockwave therapy, where innovation meets pain relief. Take control of your well-being and schedule a session today to experience the transformative power of the Swiss DolorClast Method.

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