Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres® Body

The Endosphères Therapy® is a revolutionary step ahead in the aesthetical and rehab medicine field. Its innovative and effective in complex pathologies such as lymphoedemas and cellulite.

This method shows results after only a few sessions, and substitutes surgical therapies.

The Compressive Micro-vibration® works on the skin with a cylinder attached to a joystick made of 55 rotating spheres.

The variation of the cylinders speed determines the frequency (from 40 to 254 hz). The rotation and the pressure have a pump effect on the tissues. The right combination of these forces determine the intensity one needs to operate on each patient.

The Endosphères Therapy® acts on the muscle a continuous and protracted tense action, allows the fibres to lengthen, making them elastic and eliminates the contraction in only a few sessions.

Endosphères Therapy, a technology that uses an innovative Compressive Microvibration system, is a non-invasive treatment that generates mechanical vibrations at low frequency, which in turn act right on the main causes of cellulite: lymphatic stasis, accumulation of liquids, and aggregates of the adipose cells.

Action on the Vascular System
The specific “honeycomb-like” arrangement of the vibratory elements on the cylinder, together with the micro-compression practised on tissues, produces a profound stimulation at the vascular and metabolic level. The tissue thus undergoes some raising action that generates a “vascular workout”, which favours an important improvement of the microcirculatory system.

Action on the Lymphatic System
The particular movement of the spheres of the handpiece with which the treatment is carried out creates a “pumping” effect, thanks to a pulsed rhythmic action induced by the direction of rotation of the cylinder: this thrust activates the lymphatic system by eliminating the excess toxic liquids, without causing any damage due to the possible traction or aspiration of the skin.

Pain reduction
Compressive Microvibration, with its pulsating and rhythmic action on mechanoreceptors, creates a desensitisation of the latter by producing the reduction/removal of pain in a short time. This activation of receptors, together with better oxygenation, allows for the reduction of tissue inflammation, active both for painful forms of cellulite and lympho derma, and in rehabilitation and sports medicine. 
Moreover, the significant pain reduction in the treatment of tissues with cellulite is the result of a net improvement of the metabolism and an important reduction in toxic substances in the body.

The oscillatory action of the spheres determines the detachment of the adipocytes responsible for the formation of the fibrous network that is the cause of the “orange peel” appearance, and the breakdown of adipose aggregates and fibrous septa, making them less sclerotic. Thus, it reduces the blemish and creates a reshaping effect as early as from the first few treatments.

Toning and muscle relaxation
The Compressive Microvibration system uses the muscle as active resistance and thanks to vibratory stimulation, it allows us to achieve optimisation of the muscle tone in the areas treated.

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