Onda Coolwaves

Body Sculpture: Coolwaves® are the Last Frontier in the Medical & Aesthetic Industry

3 in 1 effect, and the results are immediately visible and long lasting


ONDA induces a regenerating and toning but non-invasive action, effective over time and without side effects. With the new Coolwaves®, DEKA patented microwaves technology, the last generation system in dermatology and medical aesthetics reduces localized adiposities all over the body, in particular on the abdomen, thighs and hips. It dissolves fat, tightens and contours the skin, firming up tissues.

It is used in place of Radiofrequency for tightening and skin toning, as an alternative or in combination with traditional techniques such as cryolipolysis or liposuction.

Onda: Revolution in Safety and Wellness

Onda Coolwaves® action is deep and targeted, without damaging nearby skin: microwaves at 2,45 GHz are absorbed particularly by adipose cells, whilst with radiofrequency the energy is dispersed much more superficially (derma and epidermis).

Only 20% of the energy reaches the derma (the heat produced is counterbalanced by a cooling system).
The remaining 80% of the Coolwaves® energy penetrates the fat, affects dee player of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Onda with Coolwaves®: How it Acts on Cells and Metabolism

It’s effective on the body, in particular the throcanter area, abdomen and thights, whilst eliminating adipose cells, it also stimulates cellular metabolic processes and collagen production, reshaping the silhouette.

  1. It penetrates deep, demolishing the cell membranes of subcutaneous adipose cells to dissolve localized fat deposits. The lysate is eliminated by natural cellular metabolism (lipolysis).
  2. It stimolates the connective tissue surrounding the adipose lobules of the cellulite, diminishing the “orange peel” effect.
  3. It causes the collagen fibres contraction in the dermis, stimulating production of new collagen, thereby tightening and toning the tissue.

We recommend Onda treatment for patients Post Liposuction or Abdominoplastie.

Each treatment is localised on an area of 15 cm x 15 cm, 1 time each 3-4 weeks and a total of 4-5 treatments according with the needs.

The treatment is very relaxing and efficient, comparing with other treatments like Hifu, Radiofreqvency, Ultrasound.

In between is recomended Lymphdrainage 1/ week.

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