EXION Technology

What is EXION Technology?

 The EXION technique is a groundbreaking development in aesthetic medicine, integrating the capabilities of monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasound. This cutting-edge approach focuses on the deeper layers of the skin, promoting the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.

What Are EXION Face & Body and How Do They Work?

EXION procedure uses a revolutionary combination of two modalities, radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound. Thanks to that it is the first patented technology which not only promotes collagen and elastin synthesis, but also stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid. This results in more youthful-looking skin on the face as well as the body.

What are the benefits of EXION Face & Body Technology?

Anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their skin, regardless of age or skin type, can benefit from a hyaluronic acid-enhancing treatment. There are 3 types of treatment that you can benefit on: 


1. EXION Face: 

Represents the first procedure to naturally boost Hyaluronic Acid without needles. It provides the results simultaneously with two modalities: monopolar RF and targeted ultrasound emitted simultaneously to induce synergistic effects in the treated tissue. Another way it provides results is by the induction of mechanical and thermal stress in the tissue that boosts the body’s ability to produce its own hyaluronic acid.

What is the main benefit of EXION Face? 

Dual Energy Delivery

The patented technology treats the entire dermis providing both thermal and mechanical stress to the fibroblasts. The synergy between targeted ultrasound and monopolar RF plays a vital role in initiating the body’s natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid.


2. EXION Body: 

Represents a versatile body solution designed to treat both skin & localized fat. The results can be seen with the help of the deep dermal heating that stimulates the extracellular matrix, boosting collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, which enhances skin firmness and improves overall appearance. This method guarantees an 85% improvement in skin laxity. The second method is by targeting fat tissue with precise heating and integrated active cooling effectively streamlines the reduction of stubborn fat pockets. This technique is especially beneficial for contouring areas such as bra fat, love handles, and banana rolls. 

What is the main benefit of EXION Body? 

Skin Laxity Improvement

Patented combination of Monopolar Radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound addresses production of hyaluronic acid, collagen & elastin to treat skin laxity on the body.

Localized Fat Reduction

Active cooling protects the skin and allows for increasing the temperature in the fat tissue to levels leading to fat cell apoptosis.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What areas can be treated?

A total of 20 areas across the face and body including the periorbital area, forehead, neck and décolletage as well as arms, abdomen, thighs and the buttocks.

2. How does therapy feel like?

The procedure is known to be highly comfortable and even relaxing, according to some. You may feel warmth in the area being treated.

3. How fast will I see results?

Usually, patients tend to observe noticeable improvement approximately one month after the treatment, with the most significant results often being reported around three months after the final session.

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